Denta-Glove, Blue. Wow, Have You Tried on this Glove? We Have.

Denta-Glove, Blue. Wow, Have You Tried on this Glove? We Have.

Sep 5th 2018

Gloves for dentists are an important and vital aspect of their dental practice. They protect the dentist from bloodborne illnesses, infections, and cross-contamination, all while offering the same protection to the patient. Latex gloves were once the standard for dentists, but the new star of dental offices is and has been disposable nitrile gloves. They offer a supreme level of protection, better puncture resistance and a lower friction aspect, making them much easier to put on and take off. Now, if you are looking for a glove that is the star amongst stars for your dental office, we recommend the Micro-Touch® Denta-Glove® Blue!

Denta-Glove® Blue

The Micro-Touch Denta-Glove Blue Nitrile glove features innovative ERGOFORM™ ergonomic design technology to help reduce muscle effort that can cause stress on joints, ligaments and tendons. They are durable enough for rugged donning while providing great tactile sensitivity and grip for fine, detailed procedures. They are the perfect go-to choice for users looking to avoid natural rubber latex, due to allergy concerns, while not compromising comfort.

ERGOFORM™ Technology

ERGOFORM is a new technology that supports musculoskeletal health during repetitive tasks and improves worker performance. Ansell, the maker of Denta-Glove, is the only disposable glove manufacturer to offer ergonomically certified gloves. They do this by measuring the toll of occupational activities and applying cutting-edge technologies to engineer solutions that maximize the dexterity, comfort and fit of single-use gloves.

If your dental office is ready to step-up to the next level of exam gloves, you can’t go wrong with the Denta-Glove Blue. Your hands will thank you! Try them today.