Save Money and Time When You Buy Nitrile Exam Gloves in Bulk

Sep 24th 2018

We’re familiar with warehouse stores and understand the good sense of buying in bulk those items with stable shelf life that we use a lot. Stocking up on paper towels, disposable diapers, toothpaste and jars of spaghetti sauce or dry noodles saves time and money. You don’t want to run out of ingredients you need, for example, when it’s time to make dinner. And heaven forbid you run out of diapers. But what about the staples you use in your business, like nitrile exam gloves? Same logic applies!

Your team uses nitrile exam gloves every day, every month and every year. If the gloves are out of stock, that impacts patient care, field professionals, lab work, assembly production and more. You need gloves ready and “on hand” as it were, at all times, to keep patients and staff safe from blood-borne pathogens, chemicals and environmental contaminants. So, why not buy exam gloves in bulk and reduce the risk of running out?

What is a Bulk Order?

What are we talking about when we order exam gloves in bulk—a box? A case? A pallet? The answer is closer to the latter—typically more than 10 cases. We’re talking partial or full pallets. A small bulk order of a half pallet includes 24 cases of gloves. A large bulk order or a full pallet includes 60 cases. 

Bulk Orders Save You Money: We Ship Bulk for Free!

Costs for a bulk order range according to the size of the order. Ordering 60 cases of gloves all at once as a pallet rather than ordering 60 cases piecemeal can save you hundreds of dollars in shipping and unit costs. Whether you order on our website or call for a custom quote, one thing is for sure. Where other glove suppliers normally charge $300 to $600 shipping for a full pallet, we ship in bulk for FREE! That kind of savings lets you put more dollars toward other areas of your patient and team safety program. 

You Have Better Things to Do with Your Time

Just as ordering in quantity will save you money, bulk-ordering is the most efficient, time-saving way to purchase exam gloves. Why would you want to re-order multiple times during a given period of months when “one and done” lets you check off nitrile gloves and move on to other pressing concerns for your business.

Stable Nitrile Exam Glove Shelf Life Lets You Stock Up, Worry Free

The average shelf life for natural latex disposable gloves is about three years. Nitrile disposable gloves, on the other hand (sorry, can’t resist), retain their shelf-life for five years, depending on storage conditions. A constant, room temperature storage area will keep them ready-to-go when the team needs them.

Bulk Ordering Nitrile Exam Gloves is Easy 

If you are unfamiliar with the bulk order process for disposable gloves or would like ideas about glove usage rates we see in businesses comparable to your, just give us a call. We are happy to talk you through the process or provide benchmarking for usage rates. 

When you begin to see the cost- and time-savings advantages of ordering your disposable nitrile gloves in quantity, you will be glad you ordered in bulk. Call us toll-free with your questions or to place your bulk order: 888-802-6449.