The Best Exam Gloves For Your Tattoo Shop, Part One

Nov 15th 2016

If you’re seriously considering opening your own tattoo shop, there are many bases to cover before you can officially open your doors to the public. At, we take safety seriously, especially when it comes to our medical-grade exam gloves. In part one of this article, we’ll discuss the basics of tattoo shop safety and the importance of exam gloves so you can ensure the protection of yourself, your employees and future clients.

Tattoo Safety Checklist

Starting your own tattoo shop is no small feat. Before your tattoo artists start to showcase their artistic talents on clients, it’s critical to maintain a sterile and clean work environment. Your tattoo artists should treat every tattoo like a medical procedure, taking the necessary steps to make sure their workspace is clean, their tools are sterilized and your clients are happy.

Tattoo Exam Gloves

In order to properly protect you and your tattoo clients from infection, make sure all of your tattoo artists wear surgical-grade exam gloves during their tattoo applications. Tattoo gloves are critical to ensuring that tattoos are applied safely and hygienically, providing a safe barrier between the artist and the customer. You’ll want to choose medical-grade or surgical-grade gloves for your tattoo shop to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. Since these gloves are required to pass a series of rigorous tests to meet specific safety requirements, they’re the best gloves for the job.

How Should Medical-Grade Tattoo Gloves Fit?

If you’re struggling to find the best medical-grade tattoo gloves for your tattoo shop, we can help! At, we’re proud to offer a variety of safety gloves for tattoo shop owners and artists alike. Your tattoo gloves should provide a snug, yet comfortable fit that will not constrict the movements of your tattoo artists. If your tattoo gloves are too tight, they run the risk of tearing or limiting your dexterity, which can greatly decrease the quality of your work. On the other hand, if your tattoo gloves are too loose, it’s significantly easier to accidentally pierce the glove, preventing your artists from having the motor control they need to make beautiful tattoos.

Tattoo Exam Glove Materials

Tattoo gloves can be any type of disposable glove that is marked for use with biological agents, protecting against bacteria and germs. They often come in three different materials which include latex, nitrile and vinyl. When it comes to choosing the best type of tattoo safety glove for your tattoo shop, make sure you understand the differences between the three materials before ordering your box of disposable gloves.

In part two of this article, we’ll discuss the three major tattoo glove materials in detail so you have a better understanding of each of their benefits. If you need help choosing the best safety gloves for your tattoo shop, contact the safety glove experts at today. We offer a variety of medical-grade exam gloves for several industries and we can help you choose the best gloves for your business and application.