The Best Gloves for the Agriculture Industry

The Best Gloves for the Agriculture Industry

Sep 18th 2018

Whether workers are dealing with pesticides or working with animals, gloves are absolutely essential for any farm, dairy or agriculture business. They will help prevent bacteria and harmful chemicals from coming in contact with animals or worker’s skin. But which gloves are the best for the agriculture industry? That can depend a lot on what they are gong to be used for.


To prevent the spread of contamination or illness among animals, a new set of gloves should be donned for each animal. This will require workers to change gloves, wash hands, and grab a new pair after working with each animal. Due to this, vinyl gloves are an ideal choice as their design allows for easy donning and removal of the gloves. Vinyl is an inexpensive material, so it’s perfect for short-duration tasks as workers move from animal to animal to prevent cross contamination. They are also quite common in breeding applications.

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Workers on farms or in the agriculture industry may be required to complete mechanical tasks such as fixing tractors or other types of farm equipment. While doing this, they may come into contact with gasoline, brake fluid, or diesel fluid. Gloves should be used when there is a risk of coming in contact with these substances to prevent contamination and skin irritation from working with substances bare handed. We recommend nitrile gloves for these tasks, since they offer “excellent” resistance to brake fluid, gasoline and diesel fuel. Latex and vinyl gloves only offer “fair” or “poor” resistance against these same substances.

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Farmers or agricultural workers who spend their days spraying pesticides on crops have the risk that they could get the chemicals on their hands which could be absorbed through the skin. Nitrile gloves provide protection that will not easily break down when it comes into contact with these harsh chemicals.

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